Hi there. I’m Kate.  Melbourne based Naturopath, Nutritionist, Writer & Mumma.

I’m passionate about helping people like yourself to simplify their understanding of wellness and get back to basics! 

My emphasis is on nourishing the mind & body with a heart centered approach to wellbeing, one that recognises the importance of emotional wellness, lifestyle and self care. I want to help you to understand where you want to go and how to get there without the fuss, stress or self guilt.

In this space you will find find my eGuide ‘Clean and Green’, which is a simple and effective guide to cleansing with plenty of tips, worksheets and printable charts to help you detox and restore vitality. As well as my eGuide Eco Beauty’ which is all about ditching the chemicals and nourishing your skin from the inside out with wholefoods, herbs and natural plant based skincare.

I also love to support my clients one on one with personalised Naturopathic Consultations where we dive deep into your wellness concerns and health goals in order to create a holistic plan of attack to help restore mind-body wellness. To find out more about myself and my journey visit here and to discover more about my eguides and Naturopathic consultations please see below .


Let’s work together!

Kate Harrison - KH Naturopathy CLean + Green Cleanse eGuide

Kate Harrison - KH Naturopathy ne on one naturopathic consultations

Kate Harrison - KH Natruopathy eco beauty eguide

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