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Clean & Green Cleanse + 9 Benefits of Cleansing!

To me, doing a cleanse is all about starting fresh and about hitting the reset button, both physically and emotionally. No matter how you have treated your body, or what you have been through, it’s never to late to start over and start nourishing yourself from the inside out. My new eGuide ‘Clean and GreenRead more


Raspberry, Chia & Granola Jar + Benefits & Sources of Antioxidants!

Berries are a super powerful source of Antioxidants which are now, due to modern lifestyle, more important than ever! So why are they so essential? Antioxidants play a special role in neautralising ‘free radicals’ which are created in our body through a process called oxidation. These free radicals damage our DNA, cells, lipids and proteins whichRead more


Banana, Oat & Carob Bites + Raising Healthy Vegetarian Kids

Although Vegetarian & Vegan diets are becoming more well known and accepted today, I often find that people are quite surprised and sometimes even shocked when they hear that my three year old son is vegetarian. ‘So he has never eaten meat!?’ people often ask. It seems that many people assume that although my partnerRead more


7 Ways to Heal Your Gut

When it comes to health and wellness, our gut plays a major role. If our gut is not functioning properly then it affects not only digestion, but many other systems including our immunity, skin, hormones and the nervous system. This is why it is known as the ‘seat of health’. No matter how healthy youRead more


ABC Nut Butter + The How & Why of Activating Nuts!

You may have heard of the term ‘Activated Nuts’and wondered what it means and what are the benefits. So, nuts (and seeds!) naturally contain chemicals known as Phytic Acid and Enzyme Inhibitors which can interfere with the digestion and absorption of the nutrients found in the nuts and seeds. So that is why some people tendRead more


Raw Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cups + The Lowdown on Natural Sweeteners

What is the best sweetener to use? This common question often leads to confusion and debate amongst people, even health professionals. The research is often changing on sweeteners and with new fads popping up it can complicate things even further. Not long ago, Agave Nectar was a very popular alternative to cane sugar because it hasRead more


The Naturopath Files: Hemp + Essential Fatty Acid Benefits

Just when I thought people where becoming more aware that the ‘fat is unhealthy’ statement is a myth, I seem to be getting a lot of people asking me if it’s ok to eat coconut oil, nuts and avocado due to their high fat content. It sounds like people are confused, and I’m sure theRead more


Blueberry Coconut Yoghurt + Five Ways to Boost your Digestion!

Did you know that our gut is the seat of our health? If our digestion is not functioning properly to digest and absorb nutrients then every single other body system is affected. Poor diet, Stress and lifestyle all affect our digestive health with sugar being a major cause for concern due to its promotion ofRead more


Immunity Tonic + My Top Ways to Fight the Common Cold!

Having lived in Melbourne my whole life you would think I’d be used to the cold winters, yet every year I still get surprised at how cold it actually gets! So far I’ve had two colds within the last month which is very unusual for me and with so many people sick around me atRead more


Why Cravings Strike + 8 Craving Busters!

Do you often find yourself reaching for highly processed foods when a craving hits? Maybe it’s when your feeling bored, it could be during certain times of your cycle or when you get that afternoon energy slump, or perhaps its when your feeling down in the dumps, or maybe its simply out of habit! WhateverRead more